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METSIM Process Modeling Services

As an expert in modeling various processes with METSIM software (www.metsim.com), Elbow Creek can rapidly develop a process model on your behalf and deliver the native file to you. This provides you with a high-quality interactive process model without requiring your staff to learn the intricacies of METSIM and the underlying programming language of APL. Custom APL subroutines and functions can be developed to model your process just as you require, and dynamic links to external aqueous chemical equilibrium calculators can be integrated into the model. Experienced at developing steady-state and dynamic models, let us take your process from concept-level to full characterization with a METSIM process model. Beyond that, Elbow Creek can travel to your location and train your staff to run and update the model, or if you prefer, training can take place remotely by a GoToMeeting virtual connection.

Read more about METSIM process modeling for hydrometallurgical operations in Life-of-Mine Process Simulation from Drill Holes to Net Present Value.

Read more about METSIM process modeling for the SART copper removal and cyanide regeneration process in Managing Copper in Leach Solution at the Çöpler Gold Mine: Laboratory Testing and Process Design.

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